Geometric burgund with a metal chain​

2 dni

120.00 PLN

Geometric burgund mat with a metal chain

Geometric trend has been in vogue for some time already, but now it seems to be at its best. The designs are modern, futuristic even, and at the same time classy and stylish - they stand out, attract attention and leave a lasting impression. With a geometric bag you will catch the wave of modern design. 

In the collection there are mostly achromatic colours- black, white, grey and matt brown, but the hit of spring collection are vivid, bright colours - yellow, pink, mint, silver and gold.


• 21 cm width
• 23 cm height
• 62 length of the strap
• lining inside
• inside devided by a zipped pocket  
• geometric design
• 14 days return 
• 2 years warrant

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